Creative Devices Photography

To begin I would like to state that I may have found a new hobby in taking photos. My dad started doing different forms of photography this past year. Taking pictures has always intrigued me to learn more about photography and to become a better photographer.


“Y’all come look at this!”

This was my favorite photo that I took out of all of them. The reason I liked this one the most because the color is ridiculous in this photo. The color stands out so much that it is hard to look at anything else in the photo.

Open Table

“Is anyone sitting here?”

I liked this photo because it is simple but there are many things to look at in this photo. This photo has some texture in it and even some some framing. This photo also brings color, simple color, but color.


“A sleepy boy”

This photo is special because it is an animal that means something to me, but I was able to capture such an innocent moment of this animal. This photo has some framing involved along with viewpoint.

Plant 2

“Kiss from a rose”

This is my second favorite photo that I took because again the colors are vibrant and do stand out to anything else in the photo. This photo brings color and also focus into the picture.


“Drip, Drip, Drip…”

I did not like this photo when I took it, but after I uploaded it on the computer I gained a new respect for this photo. This photo has color and even cropping as a part of the photo.

I personally really enjoyed this assignment. It gave me a new perspective on taking photos. I am going to continue to take photos for class and even as part of a hobby. If I were to change something I would most likely branch out and take more photos outside of the conservatory. For example I would like to capture more photos of people or even structures just to add something different to challenge me to become a better photographer.

The Beginning

What are some skill I would like to take away from the class Multimedia Production? There are plenty of skill I would like to obtain from this class. The first being just to become a better writer. I have always been very passionate about writing and writing my thoughts down. This class should teach me the basics of blogging and media production, but my main goal is to become a “master” blogger. I am very excited to be able to blog about anything.

There are many events that I am interested in from sports to politics to science. Some ideas that I have thought of for interviews would be local people affiliated with the local sports teams or local politicians.

One event that I would like to blog about is the NFL draft which begins April 25th. I have always been very passionate about following the NFL. One person that I look up to in the sports journalist world is Bleacher Reports Matt Miller. The NFL season has officially ended as the Super Bowl has come to an end as of Feb 3. Miller has already put out a full 7 round mock draft. I would really like to do a blog or a few blogs that is football related because that is main interest and I believe I could provide some useful reading for the right person.

Another event I could talk about is the current political issue. I personally find politics very interesting and I enjoy to have civil conversations about politics. One thing I would like this blog to accomplish is to be able to inform the reader and even intrigue the reader to challenge their views and even just think about opposing or similar viewpoints. When writing a blog about politics I would like to try to stay as neutral as possible to challenge the reader, but I will also express my opinion on the issue.

I hope to challenge myself this semester to become a better writer, because I believe blogging could be a career and I think class is the first stepping stone for me as I have no previous experience in blogging.