After re-reading my very first blog post I have realized have grown quite a lot from the beginning of the semester. I told myself I was expecting to learn to be a better writer, and become a “master” blogger is what I called it. I also said I simply wanted to know the basics of blogging and media production which I think I was successful in learning it.

The soft skills I learned from this class would be the active listening, I am for the most part already a pretty good listener. The best soft skill I took away while interviewing people was to be quick on your feet and think clearly and fast so it does not get confusing for all parties involved. I thought my skills really grew on the Creative Devices blog post and the Audio Profile blog post. I hope these skills that I have gained from this class help me in my future career by being beginning skills I will need to be successful in my career. 

The assignment that I found the most meaningful throughout the semester was the Web writing assignment where I was able to go The Alibi and write a story about it. Being able to use the community to talk about a place I go quite frequently meant quite a bit to me. Actually getting to talk to the people that run things was a very special moment.

The assignment that I thought was the most challenging was the live-tweeting assignment. I did like doing this assignment, but I just struggled with getting an event for this assignment because of a busy schedule not focusing as much as I should have for the assignment, but all in all I enjoyed the event I choose because of how passionate I was about the event I went to.

The biggest piece of advice that I would give myself for this course would be it is exactly what you are looking for in learning what to do for your career so learn everything you can. I also dug myself into a hole because of how frequently I would miss class (sorry). In the end it was an exceptional course and everything I wanted it to be and little more. I learned what I wanted to learn and hope to continue doing this type of work in my future.


Vedauwoo is a nature location about 15 miles away from Laramie. There are many people not just from Laramie or Wyoming that go this place, but many from the around the world. The purpose for choosing this as the event to report was because so many people go here and explore the many wonders that is Vedauwoo. This arises the simple conservation methods as discussed in the video which should have attention brought to it.

Going to Vedauwoo was a pleasant time because we got to go on hike and shoot video of the location many people know or some that are not familiar with. Being able to give a wide range of activities that are possible at Vedauwoo. The only thing that I did not like about doing this assignment was the WIND! The high wind made it difficult to get video with audio at the location because it was completely masked by the wind. Like usual in Wyoming the wind is terrible but that should be expected. Otherwise this assignment was very enjoyable.

The one thing that surprised me about this assignment was the variety in video editing. I was not expecting the many ways to do the editing. What I would do differently on this assignment would be to try to shoot video on a non windy day to try to get perspective or interviews from hikers at the location.

After learning how to do video production I see myself using it as part of my future career quite a lot. Adding this skill can help greatly to the digital world as having a skill like this is almost mandatory for people to go into the field I am considering going into. I hope to get proficient in video production and editing to add diversity to my resume and my skills.

Instagram Story Promotion

I have been on Instagram for about 5 years now. I do consider myself pretty well rounded in knowledge of Instagram. However, this was my time using Instagram for professional use. This was my first time using Canva, but I have used other programs like Adobe’s InDesign and Photoshop.

The advertising strategy I used was to use fonts that fit with the pictures I chose. I tried to keep a pretty neutral color scheme in the flyers. I did not use any filter because I thought that the filters did n0t fit well with the posts on I am going for.

The most challenging part of this assignment was to piece together the advertisements and basically picking and choosing what I thought looked best. The biggest surprise for me from this assignment was how I was able to touch back and remember all the assignments I did throughout the semester.

In the future I hope to use Instagram to its full potential for personal and professional use. Instagram has a good amount of editing tools that can be useful. As I see myself as a sports journalist I hope to use Instagram and the other large social medias to promote my work.

The Tweeting Assignment

The poster that was at the Earth Day Kickoff event.

The event I choose to go for this live tweeting assignment was the Earth Day kickoff week, which was put on by the sustainability club at the University of Wyoming. Out of all the social medias that I use, Twitter is my favorite. Unfortunately for myself I spend at least an hour everyday on Twitter. (I know right! Yikes…). Anyway this assignment was fun I however did not use my personal Twitter for this assignment I had a second Twitter I was able to use for this assignment.

Throughout the tweets I ended up using a more promotional approach. After talking with some of people that were at the event, we struck up conversation about the new music video by Lil Dicky which features a very wide range of celebrities in which they use their voice to talk about the Earth and the affects of climate change. I figured it was fitting to put it during the live tweeting because I also think that video deserves recognition.

One thing I liked about this assignment was that I got use Twitter for it which is my favorite app to use. I got to go to an event that I think is important and got me to go to it where I may not have gone if it was not for this assignment. One suggestion I have is to do this assignment earlier in the semester when there are more events going on, because with the limited events it made it difficult to make it to an event and make that event fit around my schedule. I wish that I would have had more time to do this assignment with the opportunity to have more diversity in events to choose from.

In the future I see myself using social media for career very heavily. Growing up in the social media age has almost been second nature for me when using social media for professional and school purposed. I think come the future many more careers will revolve around social media. This being said people need to adapt to the changing world or fall behind.

To close out this blog post I wanted to personally tell you that climate change is real and it is rapidly picking up its pace. There is now an estimated 12 years we have left to make a change for a better. Humans have already damaged our beautiful Earth, but I believe if we all work together we can make a difference. Let’s do this for not only our future, but for many and many generations to come after us.

The Best Cities in the U.S. (According to Me)

What makes a good city? Well I am going to personally tell you what I think makes a great city. I am going to be using my own experiences from visiting these cities. I have visited all of these cities in the past two years at least so my memory of my time visiting is quite fresh. I also choose to interview my sister for this assignment because she has lived in two of the three cities, but has visited all four as well. I hope this blog post will help anyone that is looking for something new and unique, I hope to assist in giving someone an extra push to explore more. Now let us take a deep dive into all the cities I will be discussing.

I have chosen three cities to discuss about why they are interesting and what each of those cities have to offer. The three cities I have chose are: Denver, Los Angeles, and Outer Banks, NC.

Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver.

Denver. The most important thing I take away from Denver is that the city is about two hour drive from where I go to school at the University of Wyoming. Being the closest BIG city really makes a difference to someone like me who lives in Wyoming where everything is so small here so it is nice to get to city. Every time I travel to Denver I quite enjoy it as the city is very clean for how big of a population there is. Denver offers plenty of nature scenery from hiking trails to even a vast amount of concert venues. I highly recommend going to see a concert at Red Rock Amphitheater. The concert venue is The only real complaint I have about Denver is the amount of traffic all the time, but you can come to expect when dealing with the city.

“Denver is the perfect size of a city, if you are looking for a city feel, but don’t want too much city.

Leticia Rivera Former Resident of Denver
Overview of the city of Los Angeles.

You do not truly realize how big the city of Los Angeles is until you go there. L.A. is a very unique city. To describe L.A. as unique is not a description because L.A. is a different type of city. You have to be ready for you are about to take in when you go the city. But that should not scare you away from this beautiful city. This city has the tourist destination galore though. Almost everything and everywhere you go is catered to tourists or the famous people that live there. If you are interested in going to the Hollywood Walk of Fame is to be prepared and not take anything from anyone because people will hand you items and then expect payment and then refuse to take the item back. L.A. offers so much to do and see it is a place where dreams can be made.

A picture of me with my family in the background in Outer Banks, NC.

Outer Banks, NC. This city is my favorite of the cities I have been talking about. Off the coast of North Carolina on a little sliver of island in the Atlantic ocean. The Outer Banks not only is historical it is literally fun for the whole family, whatever that cheesy saying is. The Outer Banks is definitely suited to cater towards tourist which I think it entrapped my family in it because we loved it. The first thing I would like to talk about is the beach at the Outer Banks. The beach was not normal sand in some places there were many instances where it was loose rocks like gravel, but softer if that can make any sense in your mind. The next thing is the amount of history in that area. That is around where some of the first colonizers when they came to the U.S. There is Roanoke Island which is attached to the Outer Banks and even the hill in which the Wright Brothers did their very first flight, it is quite a spectacular place. The Outer Banks has plenty to do for someone wanting to get away.

“The Outer Banks is the perfect size of city. This history and weather that is there is quite well.

Leticia Rivera Current Resident of Outer Banks

All these cities that I discussed were very important to me. They all have a meaning to me in someway or another. I hope you take my advice and even branch out to what you are missing not even in the U.S. but in the world. Traveling the country can mean so much you just have to go out and explore on your own. I hope to travel to even more places until I can no longer.

Audio Profile

To begin the interviewing process went extremely well. Being able to interview someone you know is a very calming thing. I have interviewed people using an audio recorder a few times. Every person that I have interviewed for my classes I have recorded it, if I did not record it I do not think I would be able to write much about it. I think that because when you go back and listen to the recording you pick up on many things you missed while interviewing. I think it is the easiest way to write something after you listen to the recording you can write so much more about the interview.

Lauren Elliot picture for profile.

I was able to interview Lauren Elliot. Lauren is my friend here at the University. She is going to graduate school in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she will be pursuing her masters and a Ph.D in physical therapy.

To be honest about this assignment I was not expecting it to be allowed to interview someone you know. Overall I thought this assignment was fun because it can be fun to do something serious with one of your friends or even just be able to joke around is really what made this assignment fun.

This assignment went very smooth actually there were not many mishaps while doing this assignment. The biggest struggle coming from this assignment would be the initial process editing.

I would like use recording as one of primary goals in future job, because I think you can do so much with it whether it is a podcast, radio, or literal interviews where you write about it. This assignment showed that I can do audio editing and with a little practice and learning to completely master the skill. I hope to use this assignment as a starting point as I have never actually edited audio before so this assignment will be a stepping stone for my future.

The Alibi

The Alibi Pub is a local restaurant in Laramie, WY. The Alibi is located at 404 South Fourth Street. The Alibi Pub is a bar and restaurant which is popular for their wood fire pizza, bakery style treats, and plethora of homemade cocktails. Which can be found on their website The Alibi provides a diverse and unique atmosphere for the city of Laramie.


The Alibi offers many different events which the community is encouraged to attend. Like Taco Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, or even Alibi Pub Trivia on Thursdays. The schedule for these events can also be found on their website.

Being known for the wood fire pizza, the Alibi is so much more than food. The Alibi offers live music performances along with a summer fire pit for their seasonal outside seating. The inside of the restaurant can become a little bit crowded, but the food keeps the customers coming back. One customer Jakob Hart had this to say about the restaurant

 “They bring a different style to their pizza’s, they are not afraid to try someone new”.

Jakob Hart Customer at The Alibi Pub

The Alibi provides at least 10 different styles of pizza on their menu. Hart got the spicy pepperoni pizza which has rustic crush tomato sauce, spicy pepperoni, fresh mozzarella and parmesan.

“I like the food here so much I try to come here every few weeks, I honestly cannot get enough of this pizza”

Jakob Hart Customer at The Alibi Pub

The Alibi offers more than pizza though. On Saturdays the pub is now offering Mac and Cheese Saturdays where you can create your own style of mac and cheese from anything on the menu.

The Alibi offers more than pizza though. On Saturdays the pub is now offering Mac and Cheese Saturdays where you can create your own style of mac and cheese from anything on the menu.


            Tristan Martin has worked at the Alibi Pub for the last year. Martin works as a cook. When Martin works his favorite food item to cook is the pizza’s. His favorite pizza to cook is the “The Fun Guy” which has garlic, olive oil, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella, and goat cheese. Martin enjoys working at the Alibi.

The other staff members had many great things to say about the Alibi and many of them included that “The Fun Guy” pizza was a most try for anyone.

“The friendly atmosphere that the Alibi provides makes it a very welcoming place to be and enjoy a meal and maybe even a drink”.

Tristan Martin Cook at The Alibi Pub

Chelsea Rye who is the kitchen director for the Alibi Pub. Was very excited to speak for the restaurant. As she highlighted another menu item which was her personal favorite the caprese which is fresh mozzarella, with basil and tomato drizzled with olive oil on top.


The community of Laramie has its fair share of local businesses. The Alibi Pub is one of those businesses that is special to the local community.

Rye who has lived in Boulder, CO and New Orleans, LA had this to say about the community of Laramie and what it means being apart of a local business here in Laramie.

“Laramie is the place I’ve lived that has a really strong sense of community. Everyone is very collaborative and likes to work together”

Chelsea Rye Kitchen Director at The Alibi Pub


Rye was particularly hinting at the expansion that is currently happening at the restaurant. This renovation will not only add more room to the dining room but will add a brand new kitchen for the staff members.

“We’re going to have kitchen! Like a real kitchen.”

Chelsea Rye Kitchen Director at The Alibi Pub

With the expansion the pub will be gaining its own section as the kitchen, which allows for the wood fire oven to be inside instead of outside in a trailer. A gigantic bread oven which Rye had this to say about it.

“We are going to have bread oven so big you will be able to walk inside it”

Chelsea Rye Kitchen Director at The Alibi Pub

“Really this expansion is going to take some stress off of our staff and elevate our food to another level”

Chelsea Rye Kitchen Director at The Alibi Pub

The expansion for The Alibi Pub is expected to be completed this coming summer.

You can follow The Alibi on Facebook as Alibi Woodfire. You can also follow them on Instagram @alibiwoodfire


To start this blog off, I wanted to talk about this assignment. I have a love-hate relationship with this assignment. I want to take more pictures of people, but it makes me very nervous. But this assignment caused me to stretch my comfort zone by taking photos in public; with the thought of what felt like people staring into my soul while I was taking photos, but let’s move on and talk about the five best photos that I took.

“Shoot your shot big fella”

This was actually the very first photo I took during this event. I had gotten to the game about 15-20 minutes early. I was able to capture the players warming up for the game. I liked this photo because it caught one of the players for the Cowboy’s in shooting form.

“Warming up”

I wanted to add this photo into the Warm ups photo because it caught a moment of three players focused in on warming up. This photo is not really that special but it means so much because of how simple it is. You can look at everything in the photo and everyone is doing something different, focused on something different.


This photo is a great capture for this assignment, because it shows a missed shot attempt by the Cowboys and four Nevada players ready to get the rebound. Nevada being ranked #6 in the nation at the time. The Wolfpack easily handled the Cowboys as the Cowboys were extremely overmatched in this game. The Cowboys ended up losing this game 82-49.

Caleb Martin

This is my favorite photo that I took at this event. Because it shows Nevada basketball player Caleb Martin who is one of the best players in the nation grabbing the basketball at the beginning of the game. Caleb is actually a twin. His twin brother Cody (pictured at half court left) is also on the Nevada basketball team. A story about how good Caleb Martin has been is in this article.


This photo was such a weird coincidence. I took this photo while I was about to walk into my home and I saw these guys walking down the middle of my street. So I waited for them to get a good distance away and took a photo of them under the street light. They did not even notice me behind them. I was very hesitant to take this photo, but I just overcame my fear of being seen taking photos and just went and took the photo.

To conclude this post, I wanted to talk about how this assignment grew on me a tremendous amount. I think if I had another shot at this assignment I would like to be more outgoing and maybe jump to the moment and always have my camera is a ready position. This assignment taught me to not worry what others around you focusing on because 9 times out of 10 they do not even know you are there.

Creative Devices Photography

To begin I would like to state that I may have found a new hobby in taking photos. My dad started doing different forms of photography this past year. Taking pictures has always intrigued me to learn more about photography and to become a better photographer.


“Y’all come look at this!”

This was my favorite photo that I took out of all of them. The reason I liked this one the most because the color is ridiculous in this photo. The color stands out so much that it is hard to look at anything else in the photo.

Open Table

“Is anyone sitting here?”

I liked this photo because it is simple but there are many things to look at in this photo. This photo has some texture in it and even some some framing. This photo also brings color, simple color, but color.


“A sleepy boy”

This photo is special because it is an animal that means something to me, but I was able to capture such an innocent moment of this animal. This photo has some framing involved along with viewpoint.

Plant 2

“Kiss from a rose”

This is my second favorite photo that I took because again the colors are vibrant and do stand out to anything else in the photo. This photo brings color and also focus into the picture.


“Drip, Drip, Drip…”

I did not like this photo when I took it, but after I uploaded it on the computer I gained a new respect for this photo. This photo has color and even cropping as a part of the photo.

I personally really enjoyed this assignment. It gave me a new perspective on taking photos. I am going to continue to take photos for class and even as part of a hobby. If I were to change something I would most likely branch out and take more photos outside of the conservatory. For example I would like to capture more photos of people or even structures just to add something different to challenge me to become a better photographer.

The Beginning

What are some skill I would like to take away from the class Multimedia Production? There are plenty of skill I would like to obtain from this class. The first being just to become a better writer. I have always been very passionate about writing and writing my thoughts down. This class should teach me the basics of blogging and media production, but my main goal is to become a “master” blogger. I am very excited to be able to blog about anything.

There are many events that I am interested in from sports to politics to science. Some ideas that I have thought of for interviews would be local people affiliated with the local sports teams or local politicians.

One event that I would like to blog about is the NFL draft which begins April 25th. I have always been very passionate about following the NFL. One person that I look up to in the sports journalist world is Bleacher Reports Matt Miller. The NFL season has officially ended as the Super Bowl has come to an end as of Feb 3. Miller has already put out a full 7 round mock draft. I would really like to do a blog or a few blogs that is football related because that is main interest and I believe I could provide some useful reading for the right person.

Another event I could talk about is the current political issue. I personally find politics very interesting and I enjoy to have civil conversations about politics. One thing I would like this blog to accomplish is to be able to inform the reader and even intrigue the reader to challenge their views and even just think about opposing or similar viewpoints. When writing a blog about politics I would like to try to stay as neutral as possible to challenge the reader, but I will also express my opinion on the issue.

I hope to challenge myself this semester to become a better writer, because I believe blogging could be a career and I think class is the first stepping stone for me as I have no previous experience in blogging.